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Final Project – Monopoly: Love Edition

Here are a few photos of what I’ve done for my final project. I admit it’s not quite as different from the original Monopoly, but I’m happy of how much fun I had making this, especially the tokens. I experimented a bit on the materials and printing (as I’m not very familiar with art supply and printing stores here in Taipei as I am back home), working with stores I could find at short notice. I really enjoy simply DIY and craft projects like this, although this wasn’t as neat as I’d imagined, hahaha! Anyway, the all-nighters paid off when I showed it in class, when the professor commented that it was “cute.” ❤

I had changed the title of my project a bit from Collect 200 to Monopoly: Love Edition, but the reason for choosing Monopoly as a reference for love is still quite the same. Love is indeed complex, time-consuming, emotional rollercoaster ride. There are definitely times that you just want to give up when you see you’re about to lose it all, but remember that there’s always the teeny-weeny chance that everything changes for the good. So we should all persevere and be optimistic about life and love… you’ll never know when you land on that Collect 200 space!



Work in progress… 1/4 of the game board!


Completed game board!


Oddly-scaled prototypes of the tokens… The grand piano’s my favorite of them all.


Collect 200

I’d been thinking about what to do for my project for many weeks now, but it was only recently that I was able to come up with a more concrete idea based on the things I’ve explored related to love. The professor had explained to me that I needed to be more specific about my final statement about love, because the idea I’d pitched was too broad and vague. And when I was asked to articulate about my idea/statement, I realized that I still had difficulty explaining it, because my statement lacked details. And so, everyday for many weeks, I would think of my statement and tried to narrow it down to a more specific topic.

Since our professor wanted us to stick to our original idea, I tried to explore more about the concept of a journey—its nature, and the things usually related/involved with it. Again, I tried to organize my ideas using a mindmap (a tool which I never realized could be so useful), which I drew by hand on a sketchpad. I’ve attached a photo of the mindmap so you can see what I came up with so far (click on the image to see the original size). A few weeks after I drew this mindmap, I realized that I wanted to focus on the nature of a journey, because I think love is just like a journey that we undertake throughout our lifetime.


Considering that each person’s understanding and meaning of love is unique, and that love is very much unpredictable, I began thinking of how a journey could be represented/applicable in real-life situations. And then I remembered the Monopoly board game (which I was fond of playing when I was younger), whose gameplay is indeed unpredictable because of the rolling of dice. The dice signify the concept of “chance” or “fate,” which then contributes to a varying or uncertain journey around the game board.


The title of “Collect 200” was then developed as a diminutive of the name of the starting box in Monopoly–which is “Collect $200 Salary As You Pass Go.” I’d chosen this part of the game board as a title because it represents the starting and ending point of a journey, in addition to being a place that provides free money. For anyone who has experience playing the game, “Collect 200” is a phrase often said by players throughout a game session, because players are eager to collect money. In a sense, reaching or passing through “Collect 200” is each player’s goal—something that keeps them going. But getting to that box is not easy, especially when all the properties on the board have been bought by players, and you are required to pay rent when you land on a property you don’t own. Suddenly, the free money is no longer just that, it becomes a form of “reward” for completing the circuit and surviving the game.

Indeed, there are many aspects of the board game that can describe love even further, but I’ve only summarized the most important ones in the short draft of the narrative I’ve written during the weekend. Hopefully I can develop more ideas as I go along, but for now I just wanted to introduce what I’ve worked out so far.