The Greatest Love

Easter is coming up soon, and I thought of sharing this beautiful and powerful song (one of my favorites, actually) that never fails to touch my heart. The song tells of Christ’s crucifixion and sacrifice.

John 3:16 says,” For God so loved the world that He gave His only beloved Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” 

I cannot imagine the pain and suffering of a parent who would willingly give up his/her child’s life, to save other people. Nor could I imagine the feeling of someone who, in order to obey their parent, would die on the cross to pay for the sins which were not theirs. Yes, I know it is not uncommon for parents to sacrifice themselves for their children and family in order to save them, and I really admire those acts of love and bravery.

But one reason why I think Christ’s sacrifice is amazing beyond measure is the fact that His sacrifice was not only to redeem the sins of people from long ago, but also for the sins of people in the future (in other word, pre-paid). That simply means that Christ is worth so much (to God) that His death could cover the sins of a multitude of people.

Also, Christ’s death was not instantaneous. Rather, He suffered extreme torture–public beatings, ridicule, carrying the wooden cross up the mountain, and being nailed to the cross. Many people were witnesses to this torture, and it is simply heart-breaking. If you’ve never seen The Passion of the Christ, which I admit is quite morbid to my weak little self, I suggest you do.


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