First Love

The movie tells the story of a girl (named Nam) liking a guy from her school, as well as her attempts to trying to attract the guy’s attention. Meanwhile, the guy (Chone) appears to be seemingly not interested with the girl, only to to be revealed to have feelings for the girl.

I think one reason why many people loved this movie is that some parts/scenes are things we ourselves have experienced in our life. As I’ve recently re-watched a documentary about psychology, humans possess “mirror neurons” which explains how we can feel the emotions that we see movie/TV characters are feeling. Our brain depends on past experiences to make sense of what we’re seeing, and therefore it feels like we are the characters that we’re watching.

We’ve experienced being hurt, excited, happy, disappointed, confident, nervous, shy—and the list goes on. We might not have the exact same story about first love as Nam and Chone, but we can certainly relate to bits and pieces of the story. And being able to relate to the story is what makes the film successful and inspiring.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love teaches not only about romantic love, but also of friendship and camaraderie, familial love and devotion, love for oneself, sacrifice, perseverance and determination, self-acceptance, and many more underlying themes. The movie encourages you to think about your motivations for doing the things you do. Yes, there are times that we behave stupidly and outrageously for different reasons, and our attempts to attract attention from people around us have failed miserably. But without having experienced failure, we would never realize the meaning and value of success (or love, in the context of the movie).


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