Neverending Questions


A simple four-letter word. And yet it yields many, different reactions from people once it is mentioned. One person may suddenly appear elated and excited, while another might look extremely dejected  or inconsolable. Love is a word that means different things to different people. There are so many things we can remember whenever the word “love” is spoken or written.

During the Creative Thinking class, while the professor was telling us about what we could do for our individual projects, I came up and wrote down several questions (and I added several more questions to the list for the past two days). I honestly didn’t know how to get started, but as my habit, I tend to write down whatever crosses my mind–questions or things I plan to do. Writing, for me, helps to get me organized. I think I can focus better at a certain time, and yet when I review my notes later on, I would develop more and more ideas to write down. And while reviewing my initial notes for the Creative Thinking (I’ll use the acronym CT as shortcut from now on) class, I couldn’t help but think of more and more things to add to the list of questions I had. So far, here are the things I came up with:

  1. How do you represent love?
  2. Who needs love?
  3. Why do people need love?
  4. What do people say about the meaning of love?
  5. What does love mean to me?
  6. How I present this journey about discovering what love is?
  7. Is love an active or a passive thing?
  8. What are the physical or non-physical things I love?
  9. What are the things I would do for love?
  10. What are my expectations of what love is like or should be?
  11. How long does love last?
  12. How long does it take for a person to love something or someone?
  13. Whom do I love?
  14. Who loves me?
  15. How do you know/tell that you love something or someone?
  16. How do you know someone loves you?
  17. What are the things that people (who love you) will do for you?
  18. How was love represented in history/myths/legends?
  19. How was/is love represented in different media (film, books, music, etc.)?
  20. What are the lessons you learned after experiencing love?
  21. What is the purpose of love?
  22. Why protect/preserve love?
  23. What aspects of love do I think are important?
  24. Where do you see love?
  25. Where do you find love?
  26. What are the symbolism used to represent love?
  27. What do I know of love?
  28. What about the concept of love resonates with me?
  29. What is the first thing I think of when the word “love” is mentioned?
  30. What are the products created because of love (i.e. artworks, poetry, etc.)?
  31. What objects have touched my heart?
  32. What does love mean to people of different ages, culture, location/region, values/ideals, religion?
  33. What are the similarities/differences of the value of love across different cultures?
  34. Is the concept of love expressed through comedy/tragedy/other genres?
  35. How much experience about love do famous poets/artists/designers/individuals have had to create their best works?
  36. How do you experience love?
  37. What is the reality of love?
  38. What is the etymological meaning of love?
  39. What is the translation of the word “love” in different languages?
  40. When did people start using the word “love”?
  41. What are the symbols associated with love (i.e. emoticons)? Who invented them and how did they get so popular?
  42. What’s the difference between “ideal” and “real” love?
  43. How do people view or think of what love is like?
  44. How can people tell if they’re in love with someone?
  45. Where do people learn about what love is and how it feels like?
  46. What is the likelihood of a person’s expectations (of what love is) of coming true?
  47. What are the effects of love (i.e. pain, suffering, happiness, depression, etc.)?
  48. How are these emotions manifested or represented?
  49. Why do people feel different emotions related to love? Like disappointments–depending on a person’s expectations from another individual
  50. What are the different types of love (i.e. platonic, self-love, familial, friends, etc.)?

Of course I am not expecting to be able to answer all of those questions by the time midterm comes around, but I think the list is a good place to start for developing ideas on what to research/explore.


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